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          QRE Story

          Owns the world power industry top five valuable brand

          Initial stage (1976-1983)

          Initial stage of the company.It was a small handworked factory belongs to Guangming Commune Xiaoshan District, which owns poor facility with semi-mechanical semi-manual operation. It's administration mode is experience management, with strong traditional human relationship concept.

          Basic stage (1984-1992)

          In 1984, try out system of responsibility by factory manager, Mr. Xiang Zhongxiao was deputed as factory manager. Enterprise administration shifted from experience management to strict institutional management mode.

          Development stage (1993-1998)

          In April 1993, a joint-stock cooperative enterprise named hangzhou qianjiang transformer co., LTD was established. The enterprise administration changed from factory management to modern enterprise management mode.

          Towars the word and diversified development stage

          After 1999, enterprise administration turned to group management mode, from the single production and business mode to the operation mode of interaction between production and capital operation, diversified industrial structure development.

          Green intelligent development stage (2016 to pres

          Based on informatization and industrialisation, QRE promotes on information construction, fully implement on the construction of mobile internent OA platform, ERP resource sharing platform, MES manufacturing execution system and CAPP computer acided process planning, to achieve information interconnection between all the systems through integration, and to provide strong support for rapid development of the enterprise.

          Looking forward to the future

          Looking forward to the future, QRE will widely carry out international cooperation in equipment industry, environmental protection industry and new energy strategy with an international perspective.


          To provide customers with safe, environmental, energy efficiency, high - quality power services

          Case introduction

          To pursuit of sustainable development, become a world - class electrical equipment supplier

          Industrial innovation incubator

          Moving towards to the goal of 'international first-class power equipment supplier', and strive to build the grand foundation of 'CENTURY QRE'.

          • Quality policy
            'Sincere Service, Customers Satisfaction'
          • Development strategy
            Strong inside, extension outside
          • The spirit of enterprise
            Keep moving ahead, never satisfied
          News and information

          Be positive, aim to improve self-value and service

          Contact us
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